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Learn how a visionary CFO launched near real-time business intelligence reporting and improved data fidelity for better decision-making—all without an in-house data team.



Omnigo was in the midst of a major project to build out business intelligence (BI) reporting when the team’s sole data expert left to pursue new opportunities.


The CFO partnered with Data Clymer to advance the BI function so Omnigo could leverage up-to-date financial insights for better decision making.

Data Technology Stack

Key Results

Achieved near real-time revenue reporting for improved decision making

Improved data fidelity, accessibility, and governance

Increased ROI on data tools by driving usage across multiple departments

Augmented data staff gaps by tapping into an on-demand team of experts

The Full Story

Advancing Business Intelligence Reporting for Timely Financial Insights

Omnigo Software is a leading provider of public safety, incident reporting, and security management software solutions. It has long been the preferred choice for law enforcement, education, healthcare, gaming, hospitality, and corporate enterprises.

Omnigo was in the midst of a major project to build out a business intelligence (BI) capability when the team’s sole data expert left to pursue new opportunities.

The previous BI Director had invested in Sigma’s BI tool to enable timely financial reporting for stakeholders. Unfortunately, the tool was left to languish after his departure. Monthly reporting was being done in a massive spreadsheet with nearly 200K rows of data, multiple columns, and complex calculations, leaving it highly prone to human error.

Meanwhile, Sigma’s robust BI capabilities went unrealized.

How the CFO Unlocked the Value of Sigma

Gary Schlisner, Omnigo’s Chief Financial Officer, has a proven record of steadfast leadership during periods of transformation. He was eager to advance the BI function so the team could easily leverage up-to-date financial insights for better decision making. After discussions with peers and an expert recommendation, Gary decided to partner with Data Clymer, a Sigma consulting partner, to complete the dashboard rollout and accelerate the company’s data strategy.

Within two weeks, Data Clymer had an agile team of highly skilled data experts helping Omnigo realize the value from Sigma. The team modeled all ARR reporting data from Salesforce and Netsuite, ingested it into Sigma, and built a dashboard for near real-time revenue calculation.

"Data Clymer stepped in, quickly assessed the situation, and kept the BI project moving. The team did an incredible job of scoping out the situation, understanding our goals, processing and auditing our data, and explaining the backend setup. Even more importantly, Data Clymer gave us confidence in the fidelity of our data.”

—Gary Schlisner, Chief Financial Officer


Omnigo now has a powerful dashboard that it can leverage for strategic decision making. Timely revenue insights are easily accessible, and the ability to verify client renewals and revenue calculations has been instrumental in the organization’s budgeting process.

Gary said, “The Sigma dashboard has become a place where I go every day. When our executive team is having strategic discussions, I can get instant insights on where revenue is coming from so we can make better decisions. It’s very powerful.”

Example Sigma Dashboard (for Illustrative Purposes Only)

Example Sigma Dashboard: Business Intelligence Reporting
This example Sigma dashboard illustrates some of the tool’s powerful capabilities.

Looking Ahead

Omnigo has begun expanding BI capabilities across multiple teams to further improve ROI and get a unified view of the customer. Product development, engineering, and client success are all beginning to define new dashboards to drive insights and revenue opportunities.

Data Clymer continues to help Omnigo improve data quality, evaluate tools, improve dashboards, and drive data strategy. Gary is able to tap into the expertise he needs to quickly accomplish goals while scaling Data Clymer’s on-demand services up or down based on evolving business needs.

“With Data Clymer, we can make steady progress toward our BI vision in a way that fits our budget. We can accelerate when we want and pull back when we need to. The partnership is not only highly effective, it’s very cost-efficient for our budgeting and forecasting.”

—Gary Schlisner, Chief Financial Officer


Need On-Demand Data Expertise?

Whether you have a big data project underway or are just getting started on your data journey, Data Clymer is here to help. Contact us today to find out how a partnership can augment gaps in your data staff and help you unlock the value of your business data.

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