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Data and Analytics Consulting for Sports and Entertainment

Improve fan engagement and experience with a targeted modern data solution for major sports organizations, event venues, and entertainment companies. Data Clymer has worked with many leading, data-driven sports and entertainment groups to implement a proven, flexible, team-owned data solution that helps remove data silos, democratize data, accelerate analytics, improve business decision making, and accelerate fan base growth.

What is a Sports and Entertainment Analytics Solution?

For all sports and entertainment organizations, data and analytics play a major role in gaining a 360-degree view of the fan and customer. A cloud-native solution is the key to centralizing fan and customer data into a single source of truth, understanding fan behavior, and making better decisions that will accelerate growth across your organization.

Benefits of a Modern Sports & Entertainment Analytics Solution

firm-owned data stack

Team-owned Data Stack

Applying a flexible, not managed solution that gives teams full control of their data.


Fully Customizable

Creating tailored data models based on organization goals that helps teams better understand customer acquisition and the customer journey.

data strategy services

Fan Golden Record

Deduplicating fan data and integrating customer data from multiple sources into one record.

Single source of truth

Single Source of Truth

Consolidating all sports and entertainment data sources within a centralized data warehouse in order to share and democratize all data across the organization.

Featured Sports & Entertainment Solution Customers

Data Clymer Value

Data Experts

Our data team applies sports and entertainment analytics best practices to help improve resource capacity and performance.

Modern Data Technologies

Data Clymer engineers and analytics experts will integrate all necessary data sources and develop a single source of truth for all sports and entertainment data.

Tailored Analytics

Marketers and data professionals benefit from a tailored sports and entertainment analytics data model that supports reporting and dashboard visualizations.

Personalized Service

Our services and delivery are based on our values of transparency, trust, and collaboration providing our clients with a high quality and exceptionally personalized level of service.

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