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Data and Analytics Consulting for Healthcare Services

Gain a 360-degree view of your patients with a targeted modern data and analytics solution for healthcare organizations that seamlessly integrates with external legacy health systems. Data Clymer helps healthcare organizations within this highly regulated space to design and implement a modern data stack solution that centralizes data from HL7, EHR, and other disparate data sources into a single source of truth, removing data silos, accelerating analytics, and improving decision-making across all departments within the organization. 

What is a Healthcare Analytics Solution?

In the complex world of healthcare, proper data governance, visibility, and timely access to data is vital. In order to deliver the best possible patient experience, a targeted, cloud-native analytics solution is necessary for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, rehabilitation centers, mental health providers, and other healthcare organizations in order to extract the most value from their data.

Benefits of a Modern Healthcare Analytics Solution

data governance

HIPAA-compatible Stack

Apply a secure, encrypted, and flexible solution that gives healthcare organizations full confidence and control of their data.

data democratization

Patient 360

Share relevant patient demographics, insurance
information, and clinical data between providers in a secure manner that helps healthcare organizations improve patient experience and retention.

faster time to insight

Real-time Reporting

Save time and reduce human error by implementing
dashboards to increase data visibility, help optimize resources, uncover trends, and improve operations.

data strategy services

Master Provider

Integrate provider data from multiple sources into one golden record that enables healthcare data teams to securely share and democratize provider data across their organization and service vendors.

Featured Healthcare Solution Customers

Data Clymer Value

Data Experts

Our data team is skilled in applying healthcare analytics best practices to help improve resource capacity and performance.

Modern Data Technologies

Our team of engineers and analytics experts will integrate all necessary healthcare data sources and develop a single source of truth for all patient data.

Tailored Analytics

Healthcare providers benefit from a tailored analytics data model to support reporting and dashboard visualizations.

Increase Accountability & Trust

Personalized Service

Our services and delivery are based on our values of transparency, trust, and collaboration, providing our clients with a high quality and exceptionally personalized level of service.

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