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Do you have multiple instances of individual fans across your data applications? Do you want to improve engagement with your fans? The Data Clymer Fan 360 Solution can help you solve these issues and more. 

Sports and Entertainment organizations with a 360-degree view of their fans and who understand fan preferences are significantly more likely to increase fan revenue versus those that don’t. Fans are increasingly demanding new experiences and innovative ways to engage with their favorite teams, players, and artists. The process for delivering these new experiences begins with implementing a modern fan data platform that is custom built based on your organizational goals.

What is a Fan 360 Solution?

The Data Clymer Fan 360 Solution is a flexible and custom built data platform that eliminates data silos and improves visibility into fan data. As a custom solution, we can implement it in its entirety – or simply start with the elements you need now and build the rest later. 

Key components and capabilities of this solution include: 

  • Building or Optimizing Your Cloud Data Warehouse (if needed)
  • Ingesting Necessary Data Sources – Including Ticketing Data
  • Developing a Consistent Fan Data Model
  • Creating a Master Fan Table for Every Fan  
  • Building and Activating Audiences
  • Expert Training, Support and Maintenance

Benefits of a Fan 360 Solution

Single source of truth

Gain a Single Source of Truth

Get a 360-degree view into your fans and fan behavior by eliminating data silos and centralizing fan data in a data warehouse.

flexible on-demand expertise

Access Your Ticketing Data

Gain access to your ticketing data and blend with other CRM, Marketing, and operational data sources.

solution architecture

Create a Fan Master Record

Create an individual record for every fan in your database and capture their engagement with web, ticketing, F&B and other organization assets.

inventory optimization

Activate Your Target Audience

Build custom segments based on your fan behavior to improve engagement. Sync these segments with source applications to improve efficiencies.

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