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Data and Analytics Consulting for eCommerce and Retail

Improve and optimize the customer experience with a targeted modern data solution for ecommerce and retail businesses. Data Clymer has helped to design and implement a modern data stack solution for many retail and ecommerce organizations, helping them to centralize data from all their data sources into a single source of truth, remove data silos, accelerate analytics, and improve business decision making across all departments. 

What is an eCommerce and Retail Analytics Solution?

Retailers have access to immense amounts of data from many different sources including POS systems, supply chain systems, accounting programs, and marketing applications. Unfortunately, with limited knowledge, resources, or technology, it can be challenging to derive positive business value from this data. A targeted cloud-native analytics solution can help to better understand customer behavior, improve forecasting, optimize inventory levels, and better manage in-store operations to make the buyer’s journey as seamless as possible.

Benefits of a Modern eCommerce and Retail Analytics Solution

inventory optimization

Inventory Optimization

Using predictive analysis based on historical data to optimize inventory availability.

flexible on-demand expertise

Customer Retention

Creating tailored forecasting models based on historical data that helps businesses better understand customer acquisition and drive profitability through retention.

solution architecture

Actionable Insights

Improving marketing performance insight to better understand customer behavior and keep driving better outcomes.

Single source of truth

Single Source of Truth

Consolidating all operations, sales, marketing, and financial data sources within a centralized data warehouse in order to share and democratize all data across the organization.

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