About Data Clymer

Data Clymer was founded by Aron Clymer in 2017. With a background in building data teams at major tech companies, Aron saw firsthand how businesses often struggle to get data-driven answers quickly because they are experiencing data silos, lack reporting capabilities, or just need more data engineering resources. Aron’s vision for Data Clymer was to build a team of expert cloud data consultants to help organizations drive positive business results through data accessibility and actionable insights. 

As a full-stack cloud data and analytics consulting firm, Data Clymer is able to provide a highly personalized level of service to help organizations unlock the value of data. We are focused on building trust with our clients through transparency of our processes to help them reach their business goals and objectives. Our experienced team of consultants are certified data engineering and analytics experts and have helped many data-driven companies including Macy’s, GoodRX, Peet’s Coffee, Omnigo, and Kentik, as well as major sports teams and organizations including the Big 10 Conference, the Las Vegas Raiders, and the San Francisco Giants.

Meet The Team

Data Clymer Team