How to Activate Your Customer Data with Flywheel Software and Data Clymer

We are super excited to announce our recent partnership with Flywheel Software – one of the leading cloud-based customer data activation platforms. A common need we see across many of our clients is the need to optimize data to improve marketing performance. Flywheel Software provides a turn-key solution that aligns well with this requirement, helping organizations to better understand their customers and ultimately grow their business. 

The Importance of Evaluating Marketing Performance 

While organizations are typically at different stages of their overall business and data maturity cycles, I think any marketer will tell you however that marketing analytics, and evaluating an organization’s marketing performance, is essential to business success. Doing so can help us better understand not only our customers and their behavior but also our prospects and how they interact with our products and services. In a quick survey that we recently facilitated via LinkedIn, 43% of respondents indicated their top marketing use case was around optimizing marketing ROI. 

In addition to helping better understand marketing ROI and ways to optimize incremental marketing spend, evaluating marketing performance can also provide some of the following benefits: 

  • Understanding marketing segment performance and engagement 
  • Achieving insight into customer and prospect behavior 
  • Improving velocity and the ability to quickly respond to market changes 
  • Gaining a clear picture into what’s happening across the entire marketing funnel 
  • Enabling sales teams with the right tools and assets to accelerate sales cycles and close more deals

But, when it comes to marketing analytics, there is often a gap in what I like to call the “rhetoric vs. the reality”. Organizations and marketers will agree that this all sounds great, however the reality of achieving these benefits is often challenging and fleeting. If everyone can agree on the value – why, then, is it so hard to align on how to improve marketing performance?  

Common Marketing Performance Challenges  

The challenges that we often see organizations face around marketing analytics, include: 

  • Too much data. Along with the growth of marketing technology vendors comes an exponential increase in the amount of data that is now available to marketers. The question is not can I get access to data but really what data should I be accessing. 
  • No single source of truth. Similar to the above, as more vendors appear, so too does the number of data silos. Thus, in order to fully understand marketing performance, all this data needs to exist in a common data warehouse where integrated data models can be created providing a single view into an organization’s overall performance. 
  • Customer AND marketing data. As organizations begin to scale, and are getting started on their data journey, it is common for customer and marketing data to exist in separate applications. Think Salesforce or Hubspot for CRM data and Marketo or Google Analytics for marketing data.  
  • People resources and skills. Scaling organizations are also often challenged by not enough resources to help drive thor marketing performance. This includes skilled marketers who understand campaign development and ROI, marketing operations talent who understand how to help orchestrate and analyze sales and marketing funnels and marketing analytics resources who can help with reporting and visualizations that provide insights to improve decision making. 
  • One (customer) size fits all: Scaling organizations are also guilty of the ‘one size fits all’ paradigm where all customers and prospects receive the same content and messaging. Yes, this approach is better than no marketing at all however marketing performance can be accelerated once an organization begins to segment its customers and personalize its communications.  
  • Data trust. The culminating factor in all of these challenges is that without attention to these items, trust in an organization’s data will diminish. This leads to teams creating additional data silos and conducting their own analysis on spreadsheets – further exacerbating the overall data and performance challenges.  

Unfortunately, there are no silver bullets to easily solve an organization’s marketing woes however there are some steps that organizations can take in order to move the needle in the right direction. 

5 Ways to Elevate Your Marketing Performance 

The teams at both Flywheel Software and Data Clymer have come together to create the following recommendations for ways in which you can elevate your marketing performance. Let us know what you think – drop us a note on LinkedIn or reach out via email. 

1. Build a Modern Marketing Data Stack. This includes finding the right tools to help you Ingest Data, Organize Data, and Activate Data.

modern data stack

Ingest: To help organizations ingest or integrate their data from source to target destination, we typically work with tools such as Fivetran or Matillion who have various data source connectors that are designed to simplify the data integration process and move data from source into a target destination, such as Snowflake. 

Organize: Once data has been replicated within the target destination (i.e. Snowflake), we then work with data orchestration and data transformation tools like Matillion and dbt to help orchestrate inbound and outbound data flows as well as create a common data model that data reporting and visualizations tools such as Looker and Sigma can leverage. It is here where we also work with internal teams to understand their business goals and reporting requirements to ensure organizations are measuring and reporting on the right data. 

Activate: Once the appropriate data models and schemas have been created, this is where Flywheel Software takes over, enabling teams to easily activate their data to better understand their customers. Some common use cases include the ability to create intelligent customer segments, measure performance within each of these segments, amplify sales efforts via social channels, and even reduce customer churn. 

2. Segment Your Customers and Prospects. Segmenting your customers and prospects will allow you to better understand how various industries, horizontals, verticals, or even personas interact with your marketing campaigns and communications relative to one another. This will allow you to better align your overall go-to-market (and marketing) strategy with the segments that are performing best and develop potential new strategies to manage those segments that might be less desirable – but are still important to the organization. 

Flywheel Software has an innovative approach to helping organizations automatically create customer segments within a Snowflake instance, and then leverage these across multiple marketing channels – improving segmentation and overall marketing capacity. 

3. Personalize Your Communications & Activities. Establishing customer and prospect segments will also allow you to personalize your marketing strategies and create content and tactics that will better resonate with the needs and wants of that segment. 

One typical personalization use case is creating a customer 360 which involves developing a master customer record based on aggregating customer data from across the organization. At Data Clymer, we have worked with organizations like the Las Vegas Raiders, the San Francisco Giants, the Indianapolis Colts and many other professional sports organizations on the development of a ‘Fan Golden Record’. The development of this record has allowed teams to understand their fan behavior and create personalized content and promotions that can further drive fan engagement. 

4. Modernize Your Marketing Analytics. Yes, all marketing software tools will have some built in analytic tools to support marketing specific reporting and campaign metrics. However, if an organization really wants to understand the impact of marketing upon its business and growth, a more modern and advanced strategy needs to be followed. This includes creating a single source of truth of all your marketing and customer data within a data warehouse like Snowflake and then leveraging a business reporting and visualization tool like Sigma Computing. As a key component of the modern data stack, Sigma not only provides the ability to create reports and dashboards directly from Snowflake data but also provides an easy to use interface that allows data analysts and other data consumers the ability to create their own reports – promoting the democratization of data across the organization. 

5. Improve Customer Retention. Finally, a good marketer will also realize that it is often easier to grow revenue from existing clients than it is to generate revenue from new customers. Understanding customer retention rates as well as expansion revenue from existing customers is a key component to accelerating overall revenue growth. While a properly tuned CRM system can help identify new vs. expansion revenue and overall customer retention rates, applying expansion data to previously developed customer segments and developing personalized marketing strategies to existing customers is often reinventing the wheel. A marketing data activation platform like Flywheel can greatly aid in this effort. 

The Data Activation Dream Team: Flywheel Software + Data Clymer

We are extremely excited to partner with Flywheel Software and help our joint customers not only create just a modern marketing analytics solution but also one that includes a powerful data activation platform. David Joosten, Co-Founder and President of Flywheel Software had this to say about our partnership:  

“We frequently hear from Enterprise data leaders that they would love to better leverage data science to drive their sales and marketing, but they aren’t sure how to achieve that vision in the Data Cloud. With Data Clymer, we can now offer the fastest way for teams to activate their customer data on a single end-to-end platform. We are hugely excited to bring this all together for the first time.”

To help organizations who are seeking to accelerate their marketing analytics and activate their customer data, Flywheel Software and Data Clymer have introduced a number of joint quick start solutions. These solutions will enable organizations across all industries and verticals to elevate their marketing performance.

For organizations in the sports and entertainment industry, Flywheel and Data Clymer have introduced a targeted solution aimed at helping these organizations create a ‘Fan Golden Record’ and improve their overall fan engagement. Flywheel and Data Clymer have significant experience with helping numerous professional sports organizations understand their fan base and elevate their overall marketing performance. For more information on this solution, please download our free Sports Data Cloud Solution Brief

While we have a number of common customers who are taking advantage of our individual offerings, we are looking forward to providing more integrated and joint solutions to the market.  Aron Clymer, Founder and CEO of Data Clymer shares our overall excitement. 

“We are thrilled to work with a partner that epitomizes the future of data. Flywheel’s applications which operate directly on top of the data warehouse combined with Data Clymer’s experience in helping clients curate a 360 degree view of their customer creates a dream team combination. As a combined solution, we are able to catapult marketing teams’ ability to understand and engage with their customers like never before, accelerating data insight and value.” 

Ready to Elevate Your Marketing Performance? 

If your organization is struggling with any of the marketing performance challenges mentioned previously and is in need of a modern marketing data stack with a turn-key way to activate customer data, our teams at Data Clyer and Flywheel Software can help! We have individually helped many organizations like the San Francisco Giants, Big Ten Conference, NASCAR, Google and many others.

Contact us or send an email to or to learn more about our joint Sports Analytics and Customer Analytics Quick Start packages and how our teams can help you elevate your marketing performance. 

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Flywheel Software, is a No Code Data Activation Platform built for Enterprise. We turn data warehouses and data lakes into growth engines. Founded by former Googlers, Flywheel’s no code interface democratizes the ability to activate customer data to any destination in minutes. Contact Flywheel today to get started activating your customer data.

Jesse has over two decades experience as a marketing professional within many successful technology and data management companies including Fivetran, Matillion, and SendGrid / Twilio. Jesse is Head of Marketing at Data Clymer and responsible for promoting the Data Clymer brand and amplifying the success of Data Clymer customers.