We’re excited to announce our newest technology partnership with Sigma Computing. The combination of Sigma’s technology and our mutual partnerships with Snowflake and Matillion has us very excited at Data Clymer to fulfill our mission of empowering companies to build a culture around data. Here’s why:

With the rise of the Data Cloud, organizations can now consolidate all their data into one single Snowflake Platform. Combine this with the known expertise using spreadsheets, and you have a Snowflake + Sigma solution. 

About Sigma:

Sigma is a next-generation cloud data exploration platform. Their spreadsheet interface enables all business users to access and query their data at scale. They’re backed by Sutter Hill Ventures and Altimeter Capital and have executive leadership that were responsible for the early growth of Snowflake. 

What excites us about this technology:

  • Ease of data accessibility & acquisition
  • Purpose-built to run on top of Snowflake 
  • Performant querying billions of rows 
  • Self-service for anyone who is familiar with Excel or Google Sheets
  • Furthering ROI for a modern data platform 

Sigma builds data cultures for:

  • Teams needing to drill down beyond dashboards to get into raw data to answer questions
  • Analysts using Excel or Google Sheets for analysis when their company already leverages Snowflake
  • Organizations needing self-service data exploration 
  • Companies standing up a BI stack on a tight budget

As a data consulting firm specializing in data stack innovation, we’re excited to include Sigma in our technical expertise and implement their solution for organizations. 

If you have any questions, feel free to schedule a time to connect.