Improve the speed of your Looker instance

Save time and regain trust in your data with a Looker Health Check by Data Clymer's team of data experts.

Request a Looker Health Check

Having performance issues with Looker?

Long load times and errors don’t just frustrate and slow down your team—they can cause users to doubt the validity of their results in Looker.

If an Explore, a Look, or a dashboard is taking a long time to return results, Data Clymer can help.

Maximize your Looker investment and improve performance with a Looker Health Check. Our data experts will review your Looker instance to uncover issues and walk through detailed recommendations and an implementation plan. 

Looker dashboard

A Looker Health Check will help you:

Improve Looker dashboard performance

Improve Looker dashboard performance, run times, and PDT query times.

Save time with a Looker Health Check

Save time by identifying and resolving errors that are slowing down Looker.

Implement Looker best practices with a Looker Health Check:

Implement best practices for ongoing content audits, scheduled runs, and more.

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