Every day, our Data Clymer team members (affectionately referred to as #Clymers) are building solutions to help our clients unlock the value of data. And with the data analytics industry projected to grow by nearly 30% from 2022 to 2030, more companies than ever need highly skilled data experts to help them navigate the ever-changing terrain. That’s why we invest in finding the brightest minds in the business and creating a unique work culture that positions our Clymers to deliver the best service to our clients.

Here are six qualities that define the Data Clymer work culture.

#1: Freedom & Flexibility

We don’t just preach work/life balance; we live it. We want our Clymers to feel fulfilled and satisfied not only during work but also in their personal lives. This is why we have always been a 100% remote organization, offering flexible work schedules and unlimited PTO.

Despite being a completely remote organization, we still prioritize time throughout the year for regional meet-ups and a company-wide annual summit. Check out some footage from our recent regional meet-up in Denver and hear from some of our Clymers about their experience at Data Clymer!

We also love to keep up with our colleagues’ adventures outside of the office. Did you go on an incredible trip to Iceland or visit Antarctica recently? Then share photos and stories with the team! Celebrating our Clymers both inside and outside of working hours is important to us.

#2: Professional Development

We are experts in our industry, therefore continuing to grow and challenge ourselves professionally is a priority. Our work environment encourages professional growth through new learning, certifications, and courses, regardless of department.

We invest in our Clymers’ expertise and growth, offering internal opportunities to move up, take on more responsibilities, and progress towards leadership roles.

“Being able to learn so frequently across such a wide range of topics in the industry is really cool because you get to have a better perspective of all the different tools that are available. It just makes you a much more competent engineer.”

— Joshua, Senior Cloud Data Engineer

#3: Access to the Newest & Best Industry Technologies

One of the coolest parts about our work culture is that we have the opportunity to use the industry’s newest and most innovative data technologies on a daily basis. Because every project and engagement with our clients is unique, our Clymers utilize a variety of tools and platforms (Snowflake, Matillion, dbt, Fivetran, and more!) to solve challenging problems and develop solutions that make a real impact.

As experts in the data and analytics field, our Clymers take the time to truly learn and understand our clients’ challenges and then apply the latest modern data stack technologies to help achieve the best possible outcomes. Not only is this beneficial for our clients, but is also valuable for our Clymers in order to gain new knowledge and grow their professional skill sets.

#4: Highly Collaborative

Even though our Clymers are spread out across the country, we are proud of our highly collaborative and supportive environment that helps us maintain strong connections with one another. As a diverse group with many strengths and skills, we regularly encourage taking time to learn from each other and collaborate on different projects across departments.

“If I come across a problem with a client that I'm unsure of or that I haven't seen before, I know that I can fall back on my team to support me.”

— Blake, Cloud Data Engineer Lead

Have a fellow Clymer you want to recognize for their exceptional work? Kathryn, our HR Operations Manager, is proud of the environment we have created where we consistently celebrate each others’ wins. She explained, “We have a staff that really focuses on celebrating each other’s wins and lifting each other up, which is refreshing. We do shout-out competitions on a monthly basis where peers nominate each other for their successes and acknowledge the support they’ve provided.”

#5: Open Communication

94% of Clymers said that they are proud to work for Data Clymer on our recent employee engagement survey. And what about that other 6%? As a company with an open door policy from the top down, we encourage and actively solicit feedback and insight from everyone so we can keep improving. It’s all part of creating an honest and open workplace environment.

#6: Value-based Operations

Our values are at the center of everything we do. They provide the foundation for how we operate and are reflected in our work with our clients, our business with our partners, and the relationships within our internal team of Clymers.


People First






“I think what makes me proud to have this job is representing a company that has values that I stand behind.”

— Jordan, Analytics Engineer

Doing Work That Matters

Over the last few years, the way the world views work has changed forever. Now more than ever, people realize the importance of being part of a work culture where they are appreciated and valued—a place where they can innovate, collaborate, and make a difference.

We’re always on the lookout for new #Clymers to grow with us. Think you’d be a good fit? Strap on your gear and join us for your next big adventure! Explore career opportunities