See how Data Clymer helped a major coffee roaster and retailer bring its entire supply chain into one view.

One-Stop Shop Supply Chain Planning

A popular coffee chain was struggling with time-consuming, ineffective supply chain analysis. Data Clymer helped the company develop a cross-functional supply chain dashboard that serves as a key component in advancing the company’s business intelligence and analytics. The project united multiple business stakeholders, built out automated processes that are easy to maintain, and created a solid foundation for growth.

Data Technology Stack

Outcomes & Results

faster time to insight

Faster Time to Insight

Key supply chain metrics from various data sources are compiled in a single streamlined dashboard.

improved data quality and trust

Improved Decision Making

Executives, operations, and other audiences can access the data they need to make timely strategic decisions.

significant time savings

Significant Time Savings

Teams no longer spend time on manual data processing tasks like managing spreadsheets and calculating conversions.


More Efficient Supply Chain Planning

The dashboard serves as a "one stop shop" for supply chain planning, helping the operations team to optimize delivery.

One Dashboard for Multiple Audiences

Executives can quickly get a high-level view of major KPIs, while operations can drill down into the details behind trends.

Improved Data Quality and Consistency

Clean, organized data enables stakeholders to access the metrics they need with speed, consistency, and accuracy.

Built-in Conversion Logic and Modeling

Users can easily toggle between different time periods and units of measurement without any manual calculations.

supply chain planning

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