Learn how Data Clymer helped a major SaaS company democratize their data with end-to-end stack services.

Building a Single Source of Truth

A large SaaS company had experienced explosive growth through a series of mergers and acquisitions, but its data management solution hadn’t kept up. Their legacy approach contained siloed data, efficiency bottlenecks, and was unable to handle enterprise-wide financial and operational reporting. Meanwhile, demands for analytics were increasing across the business.

Through a rapid deployment, Data Clymer eliminated antiquated processes and implemented end-to-end modern data stack technologies. Within eight weeks, the SaaS company had a single source of truth for their data. A series of new executive dashboards gave teams across the business the timely insights they needed to make informed decisions.

Data Technology Stack

Outcomes & Results

faster time to insight

Faster Time to Insight

Through a multi-phase
implementation of modern
ingestion, modeling, and
visualization technologies,
the company was able to
eliminate manual processes
and gain timely access to
crucial data.

increased data trust

Increased Data Trust

With a single source of truth
across the entire business,
stakeholders now have
confidence and trust in their
data to make actionable,
informed decisions.

strong foundation for growth

Strong Foundation for Growth

Cross-functional teams and
stakeholders leveraged Data
Clymer’s expertise to create a roadmap and implementation plan, setting them up for long-term success.


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