With Looker and Panoply, Data Clymer implemented a modern cloud data warehousing and business intelligence solution for Moment, and at the same time migrated them off a legacy RJMetrics system. Headquartered in Seattle, WA, Moment is a leader in world class phone camera lenses and mobile phone accessories. Moment has quickly expanded and focuses on four core areas: Products, App, Content, and Travel.

“For us, having Data Clymer lead the initial build out and be available to answer questions was super helpful. Getting our team on custom training calls with Data Clymer’s analysts really helped to speed up the transition off of RJMetrics.” (Moment’s commercial lead, Andrew Stoner, and technical lead, David Hahn)

For the last few years Moment had been using RJMetrics but was starting to feel constrained and frustrated with the flexibility of the tool. Moment’s product offerings are on the rise, and they were collecting more data than ever before. They needed to find a new scalable, cloud-first solution.

Data Clymer has seen this struggle many times before, so we started off by setting up a Panoply data warehouse. Panoply is a secure, scalable, and affordable cloud data warehouse solution built on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. Panoply automates ingestion of a diverse set of data sources and makes tables clear, configurable, and immediately queryable. It also seamlessly integrates with Looker, an intuitive self-service data analysis and business intelligence platform. Looker and Panoply are a powerful combination for any business that want to centralize and democratize their data. This is one way that forward-thinking companies are transforming to a data-driven culture.

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