Check out Data Clymer Founder & CEO, Aron Clymer, on the MarTech Podcast. In this episode, Aron and host, Benjamin, discuss how companies are running their entire firm on 20 to sometimes even 100 different SaaS applications. Learn about how to become a data hero and understand your customers better by consolidating your data in a data warehouse.

Aron Clymer

Aron is Founder & CEO of Data Clymer, a next gen data & analytics consulting firm that empowers every client’s success by unlocking the value of data. He previously established and built the Product Intelligence team at Salesforce for 7 years to support all data and analytics needs of 400+ product managers. Subsequently, Aron headed up Data at PopSugar where his team democratized data and supported analytics/data science across the company.

Aron has grown Data Clymer over the past 6 years into a nationwide team of deeply experienced cloud data professionals.