See how Data Clymer helped a leader in distributed healthcare and clinical testing improve trust in their data.

From Reactive to Proactive

A major healthcare technology company was struggling with antiquated data processes that were slow, costly, and prone to failure. Data Clymer stepped in to do an overhaul of the organization’s data infrastructure and implement modern data technologies that would drive business growth. Data Clymer built robust data pipelines, consolidated internal reporting, provided expert analytics support, and standardized processes for future work.

Data Technology Stack

Outcomes & Results

faster time to insight

30x Faster Time to Insight

End-to-end data pipeline compute time dropped from two days to two hours. The team can now update business reports daily rather than monthly, bill customers on time, and quickly access crucial insights for decision making.

improved data quality and trust

Improved Data Quality and Trust

The new testing framework achieved 100% model test coverage and provided data teams with peace of mind, ensuring that any data issues would be detected before they could impact stakeholders.

increased team efficiency and output

Increased Team Efficiency and Output

Implementing dbt and a more modern, accessible pipeline structure empowered data analysts without R knowledge to develop net new data models. Engineers regained valuable hours they could focus on more impactful projects to drive the business forward.

Data Initiatives

New, More Efficient Pipeline Architecture

Converted old ETL process using custom R
functions to a modern ELT solution using
Fivetran, dbt, and BigQuery.

Transition from Tableau to Looker

Moved the library of old dashboards from Tableau to Looker and created new dashboards for multiple departments.

Unified Source of Truth for Genetics Reporting

Created seven new dbt models and built more than a dozen new Looker dashboards to help internal genetics stakeholders gain insights on critical data.

Executive Dashboard Development

Built six KPI dashboards to help Operations executives gain insight into team performance and eliminate slow, manual processes.

Process Optimization and Best Practices

Developed optimization strategies and best practices documentation for both internal and external stakeholders.

BI Team Augmentation and Support

Provided analytics support and solved complex genetics data issues for the internal BI team.


Out with the Old, In with the New

To learn more, check out our on-demand webinar to see how Data Clymer and dbt data engineers helped this global healthcare company get started with dbt Cloud.

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