Are You Ready to Move From Data to Insight?

Is your organization still leveraging spreadsheets for data modeling and business decision-making? Does the majority of your data exist in isolated data silos? Have you fallen into the “trough of data disillusionment” and are now unsure how to re-establish trust in your organization’s data?

Fear not, as you are not alone.

Countless organizations of all sizes, shapes, and verticals are struggling with these same challenges. Fortunately, countless organizations have found a solution to their data woes. Many are deploying what is commonly referred to as the modern data stack—a cloud-based solution that can help dramatically improve time-to-insight and decrease data management overhead.

Setting up this modern data stack does require effort and expertise, however. The team at Data Clymer, Sigma Computing, Matillion and Snowflake has developed a new Data to Insights” package that can help you not only get started, but also accelerate your data journey.   

Data to Insight Is Difficult

As data consultants, we often see this situation: A successful organization with a variety of data sources has good intentions to use its data to make better business decisions. The problem is, this data is often stuck within individual software systems and data silos. The data analysis process often consists of manual spreadsheet work, and the business decision-making process is frequently based on historical data analysis and might take days to complete.

This is typical for many mid-sized, scaling organizations who have defined their product/market fit and are now focused on gaining market traction or increasing the rate at which their business model is capturing monetizable value from its users. At this stage, a number of tools are often capturing an organization’s business data. (Think Salesforce, Marketo, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Zuora, Postgres—the list goes on.) However, the ability to integrate these data sources and develop a comprehensive picture of the business is lacking.  Thus, many teams and business functions turn to the power of the spreadsheet to support any necessary data analysis as a stop-gap approach, hoping that someday the organization will have a more comprehensive data and analytics solution.   

Unfortunately, hope is not a strategy.

In order to better understand an organization’s customers and business model, a more advanced approach to data analysis and business intelligence is needed. Business leaders need up-to-date data and dashboards to make real-time business decisions. Marketers need to understand customer preferences and behavior. Finance needs to understand revenue run rates relative to an organization’s sales channels. The need for accessible, real-time data extends across all departments. At this stage, new data leaders are often hired and the organization leadership decides that a new, modern data stack initiative is needed.  

What is a Modern Data Stack?

In order to accomplish the business goals of growing revenue, decreasing costs, and efficient resource allocation that generates value, today’s growth-minded organizations need a data stack that is built on today’s technology. This includes: 

  • A cloud-based data stack
  • A data warehouse that separates storage and compute
  • Data integration that is near real-time and compatible with a wide variety of data sources (without any custom creation)
  • Rapid data orchestration and data modeling that leverages the power of the cloud
  • Seamless integration between a BI and analytics layer and the data warehouse
  • The democratization of data in order to ensure that all data consumers have access to the data they need, when they need it 

The business benefits to an organization creating a modern data stack include: 

  • Limited technical configuration and reduced barriers to entry for many organizations
  • Reduced cost by leveraging cloud-based tools and resources that are often consumption based, allowing organizations to only pay for what they use 
  • Improved speed and performance by taking advantage of the near-infinite resources  of a cloud infrastructure, providing near real-time data processing and updates 
  • Elastic scalability providing the ability to easily scale up (or down) depending upon an organization’s requirements and business cycle
  • Governed data access allowing data leaders to provide teams and individuals access to data based on their role and/or business need
  • Distributed decision making, leveraging consistent data, across all business functions   

While there are many benefits to deploying or upgrading to a modern data stack, it can be difficult for many organizations to do this on their own. At Data Clymer, we often speak with many organizations who try to take this on themselves only to struggle along the way. They fall into what we call the “trough of data disillusionment.” This is the point in an organization’s data journey where there was once excitement around a new data strategy and data stack, however the implementation of this stack has struggled for one reason or another, leading the organization and data leadership back to where it started (plus now a little lost credibility and lack of trust in company data) and back to using spreadsheets for data analysis.   

A Better Approach: The “From Data To Insights” Package

To help organizations who need to build a modern data stack or for those who are stuck in the “trough of data disillusionment,” we have a better solution. In collaboration with our partners Sigma Computing, Matillion, and Snowflake, we have developed a “From Data to Insights” package solution that will greatly accelerate an organization’s data journey, bypass (or overcome) the “trough of data disillusionment” and provide the data insights needed in order to make better (and more growth-oriented) business decisions.   

As part of this packaged solution, standardized data sources are integrated into the Snowflake Data Cloud by leveraging either Matillion Data Loader or Matillion ETL, the data orchestration and transformation is performed by Matillion ETL for Snowflake, and the analytics layer is supported by Sigma Computing – providing a complete, end-to-end modern data stack for rapidly creating insights from your data sources.   

And, to ensure data best practices and a rapid deployment within an organization, our team of data engineering experts will provide the necessary services to ensure proper tool set-up, data source integration and even help with any custom data modeling and dashboard development. The Data Clymer team is well versed in building out modern data stacks for many leading data-driven organizations including Pete’s Coffee, the San Francisco Giants, Charlotte’s Web, and the Big Ten Conference. Here are some comments from a few of these clients: 

“The partnership with Data Clymer was the single best decision that we at the Giants made in our efforts to quickly ramp up our Analytics efforts.” 

 – Rocky Koplik, VP Business Analytics

“Our partnership with Data Clymer will be a foundational component of our ambitious growth strategy and will greatly accelerate our ability to deliver compelling data-driven experiences to our student-athletes, member institutions, fans, and stakeholders of the Big Ten Conference.”

 – Kevin Warren, Big Ten Conference Commissioner

Best of all, this packaged solution starts at $99k, depending upon your use case, number of data sources, and analytic requirements.  Additional packaged solutions for more advanced use cases are also available.

Get Started On Your “Data to Insights” Journey

Ready to get started on developing a modern data stack and improve your ability to gain insights from your data?  Ready to avoid the “trough of data disillusionment”? Contact the team at Data Clymer who will help you get this conversation started.    

Contact us or send an email to to learn more about the Data to Insights Package and how our team can help you accelerate your data journey! 

Jesse has over two decades experience as a marketing professional within many successful technology and data management companies including Fivetran, Matillion, and SendGrid / Twilio. Jesse is Head of Marketing at Data Clymer and responsible for promoting the Data Clymer brand and amplifying the success of Data Clymer customers.