Check out Data Clymer Founder & CEO, Aron Clymer, on The Analytic Mind podcast. In this episode, Aron and host, Sam McKay, discuss how data can be used to optimize every aspect of a business, the importance of data governance and ensuring a single source of truth for data, and the impact that data can have on a company's bottom line.

Aron Clymer

Aron is Founder & CEO of Data Clymer, a next gen data & analytics consulting firm that empowers every client’s success by unlocking the value of data. He previously established and built the Product Intelligence team at Salesforce for 7 years to support all data and analytics needs of 400+ product managers. Subsequently, Aron headed up Data at PopSugar where his team democratized data and supported analytics/data science across the company.

Aron has grown Data Clymer over the past 6 years into a nationwide team of deeply experienced cloud data professionals.