Joshua’s Data Clymer Employee Experience

Some of the most helpful career advice I’ve received is to think of yourself as a startup company. You have some idea of what roles would be good for you, of your proficiencies in different areas, and are constantly evaluating how your job is delivering for you and vice versa. Most important, just like any startup with potential, you’re iterating through multiple products in order to discover what works best. Startups often join accelerators to find mentorship and iterate quickly. I joined Data Clymer for the same reasons.

Data Clymer is an accelerator for your career. They value people, diversity, collaboration, and perseverance, all in order to become the most trusted data experts by maximizing the development of every employee. New ideas are encouraged, continuous learning is expected, and overcoming new challenges is a core part of the job. Most attractively for me, Data Clymer exposed me to a wide diversity of people, technologies, industries, and roles all while supporting me in a truly collaborative culture. These experiences allowed me to rapidly scale my proficiencies and easily explore new sectors of interest. 

Diversity of Roles

My first conversation with my manager centered around where I wanted to be a year from starting. I wasn’t entirely sure. I’d been a data engineer previously, and I was curious how sales, project management, and technical lead roles could benefit from my strengths. Rather than choosing a path at the start, we set up three month rotations so I could gain experience in each area of interest. 

While a rotation isn’t required for new employees, Data Clymer is keenly interested in your career trajectory. Managers partner with you to create an individualized growth plan, and provide countless opportunities to try on different hats. On a small project with a cybersecurity company, I had the opportunity to play a project management function in addition to an engineering role. In the five months I’ve been with Data Clymer, I’ve been a part-time account manager, sales representative, and now, even a marketing blogger. Data Clymer provides a diverse range of opportunities to do what interests you. 

Diversity of Technologies

Different problems require different solutions, and modern data teams are fortunate to have a multitude of solutions from which to choose. Data Clymer knows discussions and demos don’t translate into proficiency – experience does. On my first project, I began using a new ELT tool with the guidance of an experienced user of the technology. Since then, I’ve gained experience with two BI tools, two ELT tools, and two data transformation tools. At my previous company, with a single technology stack, gaining this breadth of technical skills would have been close to impossible. At Data Clymer, advancing your technical skills is a core business function and includes free certifications, regular presentations, continuing education, and hands-on opportunities to explore and implement new technologies. 

Diversity of Industries

When friends ask what I like about my job, I respond that it’s partly having one job but experiencing many roles. In my first several months, I’ve worked with clients in five different industries: accounting, logistics, cybersecurity, retail, and fintech. I’m not only learning sector-specific problems, but also about the common challenges faced across industries. The collective, diverse client experience of my colleagues prepares Data Clymer to deliver targeted responses to their clients and to develop solutions beneficial across industries. 

Taking the Next Step with Data Clymer

Our focus on employee growth and providing countless opportunities through which to grow contributes to our success as a career accelerator. If you’re interested in taking the next step with us, please head over to our careers page.  

Whether you are just now embarking on your company’s data journey, are looking for guidance on how to improve the effectiveness of your data team, or just need an extra hand, Data Clymer’s team of experts are ready to help you. Start your business transformation today with a discovery call with one of our experts and get set on the path towards maximizing your analytics ROI.



About Joshua

Joshua is a full stack data professional committed to delivering scalable, automated solutions for your business. He is experienced with ETL, analytics engineering, business intelligence, and building cloud optimized solutions.