Is your company a retailer using Lightspeed Retail for inventory, sales, or purchase orders? Are you ready to up-level your analytics game and beat out the competition? Then it might be time to get your Lightspeed retail data into a cloud analytics system using Data Clymer‘s pre-built connector.

We can have all of your Lightspeed Retail data synced to your data warehouse in near real-time for powerful intraday inventory and sales management. Don’t have a data warehouse yet? We’ve got you covered. That’s what we do – we build powerful yet affordable full cloud data stacks, even for small or midsize retailers. We can help you build a 360 degree view of your customer, and we can help you democratize this data across your entire organization. This will instill a more data-driven culture and become a competitive advantage.

You can read more about our custom connector framework here.