Smart businesses rely on some kind of digital marketing analytics to measure campaign success, find out more about customers and prospects, qualify leads for sales, and more. REALLY smart businesses know the value of Modern Marketing Analytics. What is Modern Marketing Analytics? It’s a cloud-native data and analytics platform that helps marketing teams do more, faster, because it:

  • Takes advantage of the power of the cloud to process and analyze data at speed and scale
  • Employs automation and repeatable workflows to streamline processes and make better use of skilled data teams
  • Creates a trusted single source of truth that can be shared and used by people across the business
  • Includes proper governance to ensure secure and consistent use of data

Are the benefits of Modern Marketing Analytics worth the cost and effort of modernization? In a word, yes. Here are five huge things that marketing teams stand to gain from a cloud-native marketing analytics program.

1. Use ALL of the data you need, not just some of it

We all know that data volumes continue to multiply and grow year after year. But in addition to the massive amount of data, today’s data is:

  • Distributed across dozens, even hundreds, of sources
  • Comes in many shapes and sizes, both structured and unstructured
  • Changing constantly, often in real time

Using a cloud data warehouse, simple, powerful pipeline and transformation tools, and robust business intelligence platforms, Modern Marketing Analytics has the capacity to ingest, integrate, and analyze much more data than traditional analytics platforms with speed and cost barriers. Using all of your critical data means that you get a more accurate picture of your marketing activities.

2. Know your customers better and give them what they really want

How can you surprise and delight your customers if you don’t know who they are? Using all relevant data and cloud-native marketing analytics technology, you can get a true 360-degree view of a customer’s habits and engagement. Using that knowledge in combination with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) that can prescribe next best actions, you can meet them where they are with innovative offers and solutions–or just anticipate exactly what they need at the moment. You can also more accurately and specifically segment your audience to give everyone the personal touch they have come to expect in every aspect of work and life.

3. Analyze and optimize in real time

When a marketing campaign is live, it is organic. Marketing teams need to be able to test, improve, and pivot to constantly improve performance and focus on what is working. The more and faster teams can analyze and optimize in near-real time, the faster they can spot and seize opportunities and see better results. A cloud data and analytics program makes it possible to monitor and improve–often through automation and AI/ML–to achieve better campaign performance. It also gives team members access to information in near-real-time dashboards to have the right information at the right time, enabling better and more strategic decision making.  

4. Turbocharge productivity

With the kind of speed and insight modern business demands, many marketing and data teams simply can’t keep up. Modern Marketing Analytics adds automation, low-code/no-code tools, and advanced analytics like AI/ML to supplement human efforts. Modernization allows data and marketing teams to move faster, reduce errors, and re-allocate their time to more strategic work instead of preparation and maintenance.  

5. More effectively contribute to business goals and outcomes

Businesses as a whole are tying more decisions and outcomes to data. Marketing analytics with trusted, complete data can provide more conclusive results that give both marketers and the rest of the business more confidence in the data they see. And in the cloud, marketing analytics can tie into other analytics across the business to show impact, support business goals, offer proof of ROI, and help functional areas co-create plans to keep improving performance. 

The time for Modern Marketing Analytics is now

To learn more about how Modern Marketing Analytics can help your organization, download our Essential Guide to Marketing Analytics

And, if you’re ready now to modernize your marketing analytics program to help achieve better data, productivity, and outcomes, Data Clymer  can help you map out a strategy, implement new technology, help with change management, and supplement your data teams with additional resources. Schedule a Meeting with us to learn more about how to integrate Modern Marketing Analytics into your business. 

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